Erotica 12 (30th Anniversary Picture Disc)

Erotica 12 (30th Anniversary Picture Disc)

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Madonna’s groundbreaking fifth studio album, Erotica, celebrates its 30th anniversary on October 20, 2022. In 1992, the album debuted at the top of charts around the world and has gone on to sell more than six million copies. To celebrate the anniversary, a limited edition 12" vinyl picture disc featuring the album’s title track will finally see the light of day after a three-decade delay.

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Originally scheduled for release during the fall of 1992, the picture disc features a colourised version of the famous “toe sucking” photo taken from Madonna’s Sex book, which was released the same week as the Erotica album. However, the picture disc was cancelled unexpectedly just ahead of release, as the visual was considered too explicit for in-store display back then. The manufactured copies were promptly destroyed, with only a few finding their way into the public’s hands, only adding to the infamous allure of the release. Now, after a 30-year wait, the “Erotica” picture disc is available to order.

Side A

  1. Erotica – Album Version
Side B
  1. Erotica – Instrumental
  2. Erotica – Radio Edit