Shine So Hard (Camouflaged 12 Single)
Echo & The Bunnymen

Shine So Hard (Camouflaged 12 Single)

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Limited edition ‘camouflaged’ coloured vinyl from the now-legendary event at Pavilion Gardens, Buxton on 17 January 1981 – strictly limited to 1500 copies worldwide.

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Echo and the Bunnymen ‘Shine So Hard’ was originally released on 10 April 1981 and contained four live tracks - ‘Crocodiles’, ‘Zimbo’, ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘Over The Wall’ - recorded at Pavilion Gardens, Buxton by The Manor Mobile on 17th January 1981, a now-legendary event.


Now being reissued as a limited edition camouflaged (to match the theme of the show) vinyl comes as a 45rpm 12” with inner bag showing tour dates for April/May 1981.


This one-off Buxton show is a hugely significant part of The Bunnymen’s history. As a band they strived to be different and challenge their fans, the magnitude of this event should not be understated. Guitarist and founder member of the band, Will Sergeant on that night in Buxton and how it came about...


“The Bunnymen were always looking to stand out from the rest of the now referred to as ‘post-punk’ bands. We sought out places where no-one could play, no-one would play or even in their wildest dreams would have thought to play. We saw being in a band as a way of opening up all possibilities to adventure. We invented and had been wearing the Apocalypse Now chic camouflage fatigues for a while. The stage was a crazy psychedelic bunker of surplus shop uniforms, kit and ’camo-netting’ with surreptitiously pruned local foliage, strobe lighting, smoke and ear-splitting volume. We were an invading army and the fans were up for the battle as much as we were. They wore the same surplus shop jackets as we did, we were one army under one groove. But after we had done all of that we knew it was time to change tack... to keep moving and keep the fans and the music press guessing. We really wanted that period of the Bunnymen to be documented. Bill Drummond sold the label a merry tale about promo etc. and we got some cash from Korova records. Bill Butt, our extremely inventive and theatrical lighting man had connections in the film and theatre world, so like-minded people were drafted in.


“We tied the filming and recording round a secret gig in the Peak District, we chose Buxton Pavilion. We loved its out of the way vibe, only accessible by steep mountain passes from which you then dropped down into a beautiful Shangri-la. A Victorian garden was flanked by imposing Smoke dusted stone buildings. Nestled in the garden was a mini Crystal Palace, a magnificent glass pavilion. Adverts were placed in the music press, it was to be our own magical mystery tour for the loyal battalions of Bunnymen fans. The fans boarded coaches from a few cities around the country, oblivious to what was happening, the drivers were sworn to secrecy.


“The gig was a little bit stilted as we had to stop a few times to change camera angles and restock 16mm film cameras. Korova had given us some money but not enough for several cameras. We never let it bother us too much as the crowd were game and most of them knew they were at something that would be part of history. Like the stones in the Hyde Park or Pink Floyd at Pompeii. We gave it our all that night and as the recording proves we were firing on all cylinders.


“After the gig the punters went home on the bus, with some disgruntled feedback from London fans who were not back in time for the tube and cosy beds.


“But now I will guarantee if this adventure is ever mentioned, those who were in attendance look with damp starry eyes into a faint distance and say to the gathered throng “I was there when the Bunnymen shined so hard”... I know I do.”


Producers: Bill Drummond and Hugh Jones

Vocals / Guitar: Ian McCulloch

Lead Guitar: Will Sergeant

Bass: Les Pattinson

Drums: Pete de Freitas


All 4 tracks featured in the 30-minute film ‘Shine So Hard’ An Atlas Adventure  Directed by John Smith.

Side One

  1. Crocodiles
  2. Zimbo


Side Two

  1. All That Jazz
  2. Over The Wall