the long goodbye (lcd soundsystem live at madison square garden) 5LP
LCD Soundsystem

the long goodbye (lcd soundsystem live at madison square garden) 5LP

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Celebrating ten years of the legendary farewell show from Madison Square Garden on April 2nd 2011 from LCD Soundsystem, in a 5LP boxset produced and mixed by James Murphy.

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On April 2nd 2011, LCD Soundsystem marked, what was at the time, their farewell with one of the most epic live concerts New York had seen. The colossal show is back on vinyl, celebrating ten years since Madison Square Garden partied amongst a mass of balloons to one of dance and indie rock’s most important pioneers.

Spanning over three hours, the set was full of the band’s most-loved tracks including Daft Punk Is Playing at My House, Dance Yrself Clean, Someone Great and a spine-tingling, seven-minute rendition of All My Friends. Madison Square Garden packed out to witness not just a performance but a party, with many special guests invited to play along such as members of Arcade Fire, Reggie Watts, Juan Maclean and many more.

Originally, founder and frontman James Murphy produced and mixed the show himself especially for vinyl. The result is a reproduction of the raw emotion, passion, and elation the performance gave to all at Madison Square Garden on the night. The show was also chronicled in the acclaimed film Shut Up and Play The Hits, which followed James Murphy in the lead-up and aftermath of the renowned show.

LCD Soundsystem eventually went onto reform, releasing their comeback album “american dream” back in 2017. The band remain one of the most important bands of the 21st century, and a pioneer of dance and indie rock music.

Side A
  1. dance yrself clean
  2. drunk girls
  3. i can change
Side B
  1. time to get away
  2. get innocuous!
  3. daft punk is playing at my house
  4. too much love
Side C
  1. all my friends
  2. tired / heart of the sunrise
  3. 45:33 Intro
  4. you can't hide (shame on you)
Side D
  1. sound of silver
  2. out in space
  3. ships talking
Side E
  1. freak out/starry eyes
  2. us v them
Side F
  1. north american scum
  2. bye bye bayou
Side G
  1. you wanted a hit
  2. tribulations
  3. movement
Side H
  1. yeah
  2. someone great
Side I
  1. losing my edge
  2. home
  3. all i want
Side J
  1. jump into the fire
  2. new york, i love you but you're bringing me down