Hatful of Hollow (1CD)
The Smiths

Hatful of Hollow (1CD)

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Released in 1984, Hatful of Hollow is the first compilation album by English rock band the Smiths.

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Emerging on the heels of the band’s self-titled debut, which had emerged earlier in 1984 and climbed all the way to the penultimate spot on the UK album charts, Hatful of Hollow was a stopgap measure suggested by Morrissey to make sure as many people as possible heard their new single, “How Soon Is Now?” By happy coincidence, however, it also kept The Smiths flying high in the public eye while the quartet worked on their sophomore studio effort, and – better yet – it proved to be a commercial success as well. Not as much of one as their debut, mind you, but making it to #7 is still pretty swell as chart placements go. Plus, it provided the band with the opportunity to formally release versions of some of the tracks from The Smiths that they felt better served the material, so it was both a commercial and a creative victory.

Hatful of Hollow reached number seven on the UK Albums Chart, and stayed on the chart for 46 weeks. In 2000, Q magazine placed the album at number 44 on its list of the "100 Greatest British Albums Ever".


  1. William, It Was Really Nothing          
  2. What Difference Does It Make?        
  3. These Things Take Time        
  4. This Charming Man    
  5. How Soon Is Now?     
  6. Handsome Devil         
  7. Hand In Glove
  8. Still Ill 
  9. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now    
  10. This Night Has Opened My Eyes        
  11. You've Got Everything Now   
  12. Accept Yourself          
  13. Girl Afraid      
  14. Back To The Old House          
  15. Reel Around The Fountain     
  16. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want