Unsuitable for Airplay: The Lost KFAI Concert (2LP)
The Replacements

Unsuitable for Airplay: The Lost KFAI Concert (2LP)

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2LP black vinyl breakout of 1981 live show (disc 4). One of the earliest soundboarding recordings of the band and features the original lineup. 27 song lineup. This is the final remnants of the band being a punky bar band. Features a slew of covers & highlights from early repetoire from Sorry Ma 40th box set featuring original lineup.


Side A

  1. Careless
  2. Takin a Ride
  3. Trouble Boys
  4. Hangin Downtown
  5. Like You
  6. Off Your Pants
  7. Get Lost

Side B

  1. Excuse Me
  2. Customer
  3. I Wanna Be Loved
  4. Mistake
  5. My Town
  6. Shiftless


Side A

  1. Oh Baby
  2. I’m In Trouble
  3. Johnny’s Gonna Die / All By Myself
  4. More Cigarettes
  5. Otto
  6. Don’t Ask Why

Side B

  1. Slow Down
  2. Somthin to Dü
  3. Love You Till Friday
  4. Raised in the City
  5. Rattlesnake
  6. All Day and All of the Night