Coltrane's Sound (Rhino High Fidelity)
John Coltrane

Coltrane's Sound (Rhino High Fidelity)

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Rhino is synonymous with high-quality reissues, pioneering the catalogue business with award-winning audio releases for the past 45 years. The legendary label is setting the standard once again with the launch of the exclusive premium vinyl series, Rhino High Fidelity (Rhino Hi-Fi). These high-end, limited-edition vinyl reissues of classic albums represent the pinnacle of sound and packaging.

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To ensure consistent sonic excellence, Kevin Gray will cut lacquers for all Rhino Hi-Fi releases, and Optimal will press the 180-gram vinyl records. The releases boast high-quality glossy covers and “tip-on” jackets, an old-school aesthetic that evokes the golden age of vinyl.

Kevin Gray says, “It will be an honor to master this series! There is so much variety to explore in the Rhino catalogue - everything from Jazz to Rock to R&B. Rhino has a very deep catalogue spanning across 5 decades. The possibilities are incredible! I look forward to all of it.”

Another hallmark of the new Rhino High Fidelity series is exclusive content. Coltrane’s Sound includes notes and images from the master tapes along with an archival essay by legendary producer Tom Dowd, the recording engineer on this album, and hundreds of other classics on Atlantic Records.

Dowd recalled "It was amazing, even after an hour of solid playing [Coltrane] would be as calm and composed as when he first started. Normally when someone works this hard, they tense up. Not John. As I observed him playing, I could not detect any of the joints of his hands or fingers. He didn't seem to have any bones. He played with "feathers." His technique involved complete confidence, control, and composure."

Side One

  1. “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes”
  2. “Central Park West”
  3. “Liberia”

Side Two

  1. “Body And Soul”
  2. “Equinox”
  3. “Satellite”