Where Is Home (Hae Ke Kae) [Signed 1LP]
Abel Selaocoe

Where Is Home (Hae Ke Kae) [Signed 1LP]

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Hand-signed by Abel Selaocoe, his debut album on vinyl weaves threads between baroque music (J.S. Bach, Giovanni Platti, Joseph Dall’abaco), his own compositions and South African hymns.


South African cellist Abel Selacoe combines virtuosic performance with improvisation, singing, and body percussion. He has a special interest in curating concert programs that link non-Western and Western music and move seamlessly across genres and styles.



Abel Selaocoe, cello (Track 2,4-7,11,15), cello & voice (1,3,8-10,12-14); voice & percussion (16)

Yo-Yo Ma, cello (1)

Colin Alexander, cello (1,3,10)


Simran Singh, violin (1,3,9,10,13,14)


Side A

Abel Selaocoe 

1. Ibuyile I'Africa / Africa is back
2. Dipolelo / Recite
3. Zawose (for Hukwe Zawose)

Giovanni Platti: Cello Sonata No. 7 in D Major, I. 84

4. I.Adagio
5. II. Allegro
6. III. Largho
7. IV. Presto


Side B

Abel Selaocoe 

1. Qhawe / Hero
2. Lerato / Love

J.– S. Bach 

3. Bach: Cello Suite No. 5 in C Minor, BWV 1011: IV. Sarabande

Abel Selaocoe 

4. Ka Bohaleng / On the Sharp Side
5. Ancestral Affirmations