Topographic Drama: 2CD + Signed Print

Topographic Drama: 2CD + Signed Print

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The new album Topographic Drama: Live Across America on double CD, accompanied by an exclusive signed Roger Dean print (Limited to 200). The print is titled 'The Crossing' and depicts the album artwork on high quality Classic Crest paper (16" x 20").

Bundle includes:

• Roger Dean The Crossing Signed Print

• Topographic Drama: Live Across America 2CD

Topographic Drama was recorded across the Yes 2016 tour of North America, where the band were playing Tales From Topographic Oceans and Drama as part of their set. The line-up is Jon Davison on vocals, Steve Howe on guitars, Geoff Downes on keyboards, Billy Sherwood on bass and both Jay Schellen and Alan White on drums.

Disc 1:

1. Machine Messiah (Live)
2. White Car (Live)
3. Does It Really Happen? (Live)
4. Into The Lens (Live)
5. Run Through The Light (Live)
6. Tempus Fugit (Live)
7. And You And I (I. Cord Of Life, II. Eclipse, III. The Preacher The Teacher, IV. Apocalypse) [Live]
8. Heart Of The Sunrise (Live)

Disc 2:

9. The Revealing Science of God (Live)
10. Leaves Of Green (Live)
11. Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil) [Live]
12. Roundabout (Live)
13. Starship Trooper (A. Life Seeker; B. Disillusion; C. Würm) [Live]