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Presence (2015 Remaster) [1LP] (Default) Click for larger image

Presence (2015 Remaster) [1LP] (Default)

Led Zeppelin Presence (2015 Remaster) [1LP]

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Released in March 1976, Presence is the 7th studio album from British rock band Led Zeppelin.


Released in March 1976, Presence is the 7th studio album from British rock band Led Zeppelin.

What’s the hook?

The 7th studio album from the British rock band Led Zeppelin was released in March 1976 after being written and recorded in the latter stages of 1975.  This was a difficult period for the band as singer Robert Plant was involved in a serious car accident earlier that year, leading to various tours being cancelled. 


Page accompanied lead singer, Robert Plant, during his recuperation in Malibu, and as a result, 6 of the 7 songs on the album have sole composition credits for Page and Plant, with the remaining track “Royal Orleans” crediting the full band.  The album saw lengthy studio sessions at Musicland studios in Munich with the recording being completed in just 18 days.  Recorded and mixed with long-time collaborator, Keith Harwood, the hasty recording of the album came as a result of having booked the studio immediately prior to The Rolling Stones.  Lead guitarist, Jimmy Page, negotiated with The Rolling Stones to borrow two days of their studio time, in which he recorded all the guitar overdubs in one session. 


The album was met with widespread critical acclaim and commercial success, with the album reaching Top 10 status in 8 territories, including the Number 1 spot on the US Billboard Chart and the UK Official Albums Chart.  The album has since gone on to be cerfitied platinum in the UK and 3x platinum in the US.


Track Listing


Side One:

  1. Achilles Last Stand
  2. For Your Life
  3. Royal Orleans



Side Two

  1. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  2. Candy Store Rock
  3. Hots on for Nowhere
  4. Tea for One

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