Afraid of Sunlight (2019 Michael Hunter Remix) [1CD]

Afraid of Sunlight (2019 Michael Hunter Remix) [1CD]

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Released in 1995, Afraid of Sunlight is the eighth studio album by British rock band Marillion, remixed by Michael Hunter.

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Originally released in June 1995, Afraid Of Sunlight provided the band with a top-20 hit on the UK Albums chart, not to mention a top-30 hit with the single “Beautiful”. The album repeatedly examines the destructive side of celebrity, with the title track referring to self-destructive thrill-seekers such as James Dean, while "King" is about Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson.

Afraid of Sunlight became one of the band's most critically acclaimed albums and was included in Q magazine's "Recordings of the Year" for 1995. It was retrospectively described by Jeri Montesano of Allmusic as "the peak of Marillion's growing, impressive body of work" and by colleague Jason Ankeny as "the most consistent Marillion release to date".

  1. Gazpacho       
  2. Cannibal Surf Babe    
  3. Beautiful        
  4. Afraid Of Sunrise        
  5. Out Of This World      
  6. Afraid Of Sunlight      
  7. Beyond You    
  8. King