Aqualung (Steven Wilson Mix) [1CD]
Jethro Tull

Aqualung (Steven Wilson Mix) [1CD]

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Released in March 1971, Aqualung is the fourth studio album by British rock band Jethro Tull.

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This is the 2011 Steven Wilson stereo remix of the fourth studio album by the British rock band. It is widely regarded as a concept album featuring a central theme of 'the distinction between religion and God'. 'Aqualung' is Jethro Tull's best-selling album, selling more than seven million units worldwide, propelling the U.K. quintet to arena status and a longstanding place on FM radio playlists. Aqualung endures for good reason; this classic combination of British folk and progressive rock marks the point where frontman Ian Anderson found his voice as a songwriter (“Locomotive Breath,” “Cross-Eyed Mary” and more) and where Martin Barre mastered the art of the riff.

  1. Aqualung
  2. Cross-Eyed Mary        
  3. Cheap Day Return      
  4. Mother Goose
  5. Wond'ring Aloud       
  6. Up To Me       
  7. My God          
  8. Hymn 43        
  9. Slipstream      
  10. Locomotive Breath    
  11. Wind-Up