The Futureheads (2LP Limited Edition)
The Futureheads

The Futureheads (2LP Limited Edition)

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The new limited-edition album featuring a bonus disc of all the b-sides taken from the debut album

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The special edition of the debut record re-release contains the original album and all of the B-sides from the singles taken from that first album. The Futureheads - “B-sides are an odd concept, but we loved being relaxed in the studio and just trying stuff out. We recorded these songs in First Avenue in Heaton, Newcastle with the illustrious Dave Curle (working with Dave in this studio became our 'go-to' over the next fifteen years for B-sides, external projects and then eventually parts of an album (The Chaos), and full albums (Rant and Powers).”


The collection on this record shows a different side of the band. It also includes the Area EP, and remixes/covers of Hounds of Love by long-time friends and one-time label mates of the band, Mystery Jets, and by Paul Epworth himself, under his Phones moniker


Originally released in 2004, a year after their self-released EP ‘Nul Book Standard’, the first five of the tracks were produced by Andy Gill of Gang of Four with the rest of the album being produced by Paul Epworth - one of the first albums that Epworth produced. Upon release, the album was met with huge acclaim receiving 4-on-5 and 8-on-10 star reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, NME, Pitchfork, Q, The Guardian and AllMusic to name but a few with the cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds of Love’ breaking into the UK top 10 and winning single of the year at the 2005 NME Awards.

1LP Side One

  1. Le Garage
  2. Robot
  3. A to B
  4. Decent Days and Nights
  5. Meantime
  6. ALMS
  7. Danger of the Water


Side Two

  1. Carnival Kids
  2. The City Is Here for You to Use
  3. First Day
  4. He Knows
  5. Stupid and Shallow
  6. Trying Not to Think About Time
  7. Hounds of Love
  8. Man Ray


2LP Side One

  1. Spoilt for Choice
  2. ALMS (Accapella Version)
  3. Remote Control
  4. Man Made (A Mistake)
  5. Appreciate the Effort
  6. Hounds of Love (Mystery Jet's Pirate Invasion)


Side Two

  1. Banquo
  2. Boring the Children
  3. Area
  4. Help Us Out
  5. We Cannot Lose
  6. Hounds of Love (Phones' Wolf at the Door Remix)