A Grand Don't Come for Free (1CD)
The Streets

A Grand Don't Come for Free (1CD)

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A Grand Don’t Come For Free was The Streets’ second studio album, featuring the massive hits Fit But You Know It, Dry Your Eyes and Blinded By The Lights.

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In 2004 Mike Skinner, aka. The Streets, followed up his huge debut album Original Pirate Material with the rap opera A Grand Don’t Come For Free. The concept album tells the story of a young man’s turbulent relationship with a woman called Simone, as well as losing £1,000.

The album produced both The Streets’ first UK number 1 album, as well as number 1 single “Dry Your Eyes.” Two other top 10 singles came from the album in “Fit But You Know It,” and “Blinded By The Lights.” A Grand Don’t Come For Free was highly critically acclaimed, consistently featuring in the best albums of the noughties across many publications such as Pitchfork and NME. 

  1. It Was Supposed to Be So Easy
  2. Could Well Be In
  3. Not Addicted
  4. Blinded By the Lights
  5. Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
  6. Get Out of My House
  7. Fit But You Know It
  8. Such a Twat
  9. What Is He Thinking?
  10. Dry Your Eyes
  11. Empty Cans