Identity (Signed 2LP Black)
Nitin Sawhney

Identity (Signed 2LP Black)

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Nitin Sawhney presents his brand-new album Identity, out 20 October via Warner Music. Launching with the first single ‘Darling Boy’ featuring Guy Garvey, the album is packed full of an exciting list of artists and collaborators.

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Nitin Says; ‘My late dad’s record collection was an unpredictable journey into the hearts and souls of musicians and singers from all over the world. With this album, I’m inviting some of my favourite international friends and artists to a celebration of their own identities in a single place of sonic safety and honesty. In making an album called “Identity” I am working and collaborating with artists who are proud of who they are and whose work is defined by that pride’

Nitin’s new album Identity is the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2021 album Immigrants which received great support at press ‘A seductive and persuasive look at the lives and human struggles those in power would rather you ignored and disdained. Get connected’ The Wire. Speaking about the new album, Nitin says:

‘The world is littered with opinions of people trying to tell us who we are. People get so vociferous in pushing their judgement and definitions of others that they often forget our common humanity. We’re all human. We all matter… and, as long as you’re not harming anyone else, the only opinion that counts in defining who you are is your own. Identity, the album, is a love letter to who we all are’.

Royal Albert Hall Announcement & New Album: Identity

  1. Faceless Enemies (feat. YVA)
  2. What's It All About (feat. Jazzi Sirius)
  3. Definition of Happy (feat. I Am Roze)
  4. Darling Boy (feat. Guy Garvey)
  5. Illegal (feat. Gary Lineker & voices from Asha Projects)
  6. Because You’re a Woman (feat. Shapla Salique)
  7. This Is Our Home (feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson)
  8. Internal (feat. Aruba Red)
  9. Ancestral (feat. Hak Baker)
  10. Room With A View (feat. Lady Blackbird)
  11. Mirror (feat. Jazzi Sirius)
  12. Nocturnal (feat. Ankita Joshi)
  13. We're Not Alone (feat. Joss Stone)
  14. Hoo I Am (feat. Spek)
  15. Be Who You Are (feat. Natacha Atlas)
  16. Insaan (Human) (feat. Ankita Joshi)
  17. Fluid (feat. Natty)