A Day Without Rain (1CD)

A Day Without Rain (1CD)

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Released in November 2000, A Day Without Rain is the fifth studio album by Irish singer-songwriter and musician Enya.

3.7 out of 5 Customer Rating

A long-awaited effort which was Enya’s first new full-length LP in half a decade. Produced by Nicky Ryan and recorded at Aigle Studio in Killiney, Ireland, A Day Without Rain made a huge number of Enya fans very happy, since they’d been waiting for her to release a new studio LP since 1995’s The Memory Of Trees. Enya’s decision to reteam with Ryan was hardly surprising, given his past successes as her producer and arranger, not to mention the fact that his wife, Roma Ryan, was Enya’s regular lyricist.

A Day Without Rain became – and still remains – her most successful studio album ever, going platinum seven times over in America and double platinum in the UK.

  1. A Day Without Rain   
  2. Wild Child      
  3. Only Time       
  4. Tempus Vernum        
  5. Deora Ar Mo Chroí = Tears On My Heart      
  6. Flora's Secret 
  7. Fallen Embers
  8. Silver Inches   
  9. Pilgrim
  10. One By One    
  11. The First Of Autumn  
  12. Lazy Days