Blade Runner - OST (1CD)

Blade Runner - OST (1CD)

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Soundtrack from Ridley Scott's 1982 science-fiction noir film Blade Runner.

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Composed by Greek electronic musician Vangelis, the Bladerunner soundtrack has received acclaim as being among Vangelis's best work and an influential work in the history of electronic music. It was nominated in 1983 for a BAFTA and Golden Globe as best original score. The score evokes the film's bleak futurism with an emotive synthesizer-based sound, drawing on the jazz scores of classic film noir as well as neo-classical elements and Middle Eastern texture. It features vocals from Demis Roussos and saxophone by Dick Morrissey on "Love Theme". The track "Memories of Green" from Vangelis' 1980 album See You Later was also used.

  1. Main Titles     
  2. Blush Response          
  3. Wait For Me   
  4. Rachel's Song
  5. Love Theme
  6. One More Kiss, Dear
  7. Blade Runner Blues   
  8. Memories Of Green
  9. Tales Of The Future
  10. Damask Rose 
  11. Blade Runner (End Titles)      
  12. Tears In Rain