Everything Is Borrowed (1CD)
The Streets

Everything Is Borrowed (1CD)

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Released in 2008, Everything Is Borrowed is the fourth studio album by English rapper and producer Mike Skinner, under the music project The Streets.

3.5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Everything Is Borrowed concentrates squarely on the feel-good vibe that has driven The Street’s celebrated live shows, staying optimistic even when low-key, an intention emphasised by Skinner’s accrual of a live band to record with in the studio for the first time and fire the tone. And to go with big production ideals come bigger ideas, transforming from commentator to pub philosopher, putting the world to rights.

  1. Everything Is Borrowed
  2. Heaven For The Weather
  3. I Love You More (Than You Like Me)
  4. The Way Of The Dodo
  5. On The Flip Of A Coin
  6. On The Edge Of A Cliff
  7. Never Give In
  8. The Sherry End
  9. Alleged Legends
  10. The Strongest Person I Know
  11. The Escapist