Live at Canterbury House - 1967 (3LP)
Joni Mitchell

Live at Canterbury House - 1967 (3LP)

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LIVE AT CANTERBURY HOUSE – 1967 3LP features Mitchell’s entire three-set performance from October 27, 1967.

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Bob Franke, who was covering Mitchell’s show at Canterbury House for the Michigan Daily while also moonlighting as a doorman at the club, pens the liners for LIVE AT CANTERBURY HOUSE. His original review for the Michigan Daily is also included.

First Set
Side One
  1. Conversation
  2. Intro to “Come To The Sunshine”
  3. Come To The Sunshine
  4. Intro to “Chelsea Morning”
  5. Chelsea Morning
  6. Intro to “Gift Of The Magi”
  7. Gift Of The Magi
Side Two
  1. Play Little David
  2. Intro to “The Dowy Dens Of Yarrow”
  3. The Dowy Dens Of Yarrow
  4. I Had A King
  5. Intro to “Free Darling”
  6. Free Darling
  7. Intro to “Cactus Tree”
  8. Cactus Tree
Second Set
Side Three
  1. Little Green
  2. Intro to “Marcie”
  3. Marcie
  4. Intro to “Ballerina Valerie”
  5. Ballerina Valerie
  6. The Circle Game
Side Four
  1. Intro to “Michael From Mountains”
  2. Michael From Mountains
  3. Go Tell The Drummer Man
  4. Intro to “I Don’t Know Where I Stand”
  5. I Don’t Know Where I Stand
Third Set
Side Five
  1. A Melody In Your Name
  2. Intro to “Carnival In Kenora”
  3. Carnival In Kenora
  4. Songs To Aging Children Come
  5. Intro to “Dr. Junk”
  6. Dr. Junk
Side Six
  1. Morning Morgantown
  2. Intro to “Night In The City”
  3. Night In The City
  4. Both Sides Now
  5. Urge For Going