Madame X – Music From The Theater Xperience (3LP Picture Disc)
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Madame X – Music From The Theater Xperience (3LP Picture Disc)

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This rare and unforgettable experience was beautifully documented in Madame X, her 2021 concept film and digital soundtrack. The soundtrack makes its vinyl debut as a 3LP set that includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks.

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22-track Limited Edition 3 Picture Disc set

MADAME X: MUSIC FROM THE THEATER XPERIENCE was recorded in January 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal, during Madonna’s Madame X Tour.

Mesmerizing performances of several songs from Madame X (Madonna’s 14th studio album) are part of the soundtrack, including “Dark Ballet,” “I Rise,” and “I Don’t Search I Find,” which topped the Hot Dance Club Songs chart in 2020 to become her 50th #1 hit. The soundtrack also features live versions of global favorites like “Vogue,” “Human Nature,” “Like A Prayer,” and “Frozen.”

LP One

Side A

  1. Intro
  2. God Control
  3. Dark Ballet
  4. Human Nature

Side B

  1. Vogue
  2. I Don’t Search I Find
  3. American Life
  4. Batuka

LP Two

Side A

  1. Fado Pechincha (featuring Gaspar Varela)
  2. Killers Who Are Partying
  3. Crazy
  4. Welcome To My Fado Club (Medley)
  5. Medellin (featuring Maluma)

Side B

  1. Extreme Occident
  2. Breathwork (Dance Interlude)
  3. Frozen
  4. Come Alive

LP Three

Side A

  1. Future (featuring Quavo)
  2. Like A Prayer
  3. I Rise

Side B

Bonus Tracks

  1. Sodade *
  2. Crave (featuring Swae Lee) *

* Previously Unreleased