Performance OST (1LP Yellow)
Various Artists

Performance OST (1LP Yellow)

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One of the great cult movies of the 1970s, available on limited edition 1LP Yellow vinyl.

3.5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Starring James Fox as a British gangster on the run who finds refuge in the home of reclusive ex-rock star Mick Jagger, Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg's PERFORMANCE is one of the great cult movies of the 1970s.

The film's soundtrack, produced by Jack Nitzsche for Warner Bros., is equally noteworthy. Needless to say, the Rolling Stones connection is strong; the Jagger-sung single "Memo From Turner" was co-written with Keith Richards, and vocalist Merry Clayton (famous as the duet partner on "Gimme Shelter") appears on three tracks. Several up-and-coming WB artists also make key contributions, including Randy Newman (the raucous "Gone Dead Train"), slide guitar virtuoso Ry Cooder and Little Feat leader Lowell George. Like the film itself, the PERFORMANCE original motion picture soundtrack offers a fascinating glimpse at one of the most exciting eras in rock.


  1. Randy Newman - Gone Dead Train      
  2. Merry Clayton – Performance
  3. Ry Cooder - Get Away
  4. Ry Cooder - Powis Square
  5. Jack Nitzsche - Rolls Royce and Acid
  6. Jack Nitzsche - Dyed, Dead and Red  
  7. Jack Nitzsche -  Harry Flowers
  8. Mick Jagger - Memo From Turner
  9. Buffy Sainte-Marie (With Ry Cooder) - The Hashishin
  10. Last Poets - Wake Up, N******
  11. Merry Clayton - Poor White Hound Dog
  12. Jack Nitzsche - Natural Magic
  13. Merry Clayton Singers - Turner's Murder