The Celts (1CD)

The Celts (1CD)

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The Celts is the 1992 reissue of Enya’s classic self-titled debut album.

3.5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Enya was remastered by Arun Chakraverty and redesigned with new artwork designed by Sooky Choi with photography by David Scheinmann. The album was reissued on 16 November 1992 as The Celts by WEA in Europe and Reprise Records in the United States. The Celts outperformed its original sales, reaching a new peak of No. 10 on the UK Albums Chart for two weeks from the week of 28 November 1992. It returned for two separate weeks in 1993, one week in 1996, and six consecutive weeks in 1998. In the United States, the album sold a further one million copies. It contains a new version of "Portrait" that is named "Portrait (Out of the Blue)", which was originally released as the B-side to Enya's 1988 worldwide hit single, "Orinoco Flow".

  1. The Celts        
  2. Aldebaran      
  3. I Want Tomorrow      
  4. March Of The Celts    
  5. Deireadh An Tuath     
  6. The Sun In The Stream           
  7. To Go Beyond (I)        
  8. Fairytale         
  9. Epona 
  10. Triad: St. Patrick / Cú Chulainn / Oisin          
  11. Portrait (Out Of The Blue)     
  12. Boadicea        
  13. Bard Dance    
  14. Dan Y Dwr      
  15. To Go Beyond (II)