Astral Weeks (1LP)
Van Morrison

Astral Weeks (1LP)

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One of the most indelible songwriters and albums of the 20th century, Van Morrison’s Astral weeks has been enshrined as one of the greatest 20th century influences on Jazz, blues and folk.

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Arguably Van Morrison’s most transcendent and inspired work, his second studio album ‘Astral Weeks’ has retrospectively become to be regarded as one of the most inspired and influential musical works of the 20th century. The coveted title includes autobiographical inspired tracks including “Cyprus Avenue” and “Madame George”.


The title has received an overwhelming critical reception title recieving 5 stars from AllMusic, Rolling Stone and the Independant, with many critics praising Morrison for his artistic autonomy and inspired vision. One critic regarded the album as Morrison’s "most beautiful and intense album", whilst many consider Morrison and the album to be muses across many art forms including film and music, with the title having inspired the likes of Bono, Bruce Springsteen and Martin Scorsese.


Format: 1LP

Vinyl Weight: 180g

Original Release Year: 1968


Side One

  1. Astral Weeks
  2. Beside You
  3. Sweet Thing
  4. Cyprus Avenue


Side Two

  1. The Way Young Lovers Do
  2. Madame George
  3. Ballerina
  4. Slim Slow Rider