Black Tie White Noise (2021 Remaster) [2LP Vinyl]
David Bowie

Black Tie White Noise (2021 Remaster) [2LP Vinyl]

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Black Tie White Noise is Bowie’s first album of the ‘90s and sees a reunion with Nile Rodgers who had previously co-produced the global hit ‘Let’s Dance’ a decade earlier.

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A number 1 album in UK, the project came together following Bowie’s marriage to Iman, and features his saxophone playing as well guest appearances from previous collaborators such as Spider; Mick Ronson, long time pianist Mike Garson and Tin Machine guitarist Reeves Gabrels.

Recently remastered as part of the latest David Bowie ERA boxset: BRILLIANT ADVENTURE (1992 – 2001) by original co-producer Nile Rodgers and now pressed on 2LPs for superior sound quality.

Side 1

  1. The Wedding
  2. You've Been Around    
  3. I Feel Free

Side 2

  1. Black Tie White Noise (featuring Al B. Sure!)
  2. Jump They Say  
  3. Nite Flights

Side 3

  1. Pallas Athena  
  2. Miracle Goodnight  
  3. Don't Let Me Down & Down

Side 4

  1. Looking for Lester  
  2. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
  3. The Wedding Song