The Best of The Rock 'N' Roll Pioneers (2LP)
Cliff Richard & The Shadows

The Best of The Rock 'N' Roll Pioneers (2LP)

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The brand new collection on limited edition 2LP vinyl exclusive to Rhino

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Sixty years ago, on October 17th, 1959, Cliff Richard and The Shadows hit the No. 1 spot in the UK with ‘Travellin’ Light’. This was the first single credited to Cliff Richard and The Shadows – re-named from their original title - The Drifters.

This notable anniversary will be marked with a brand-new collection which focuses, for the first time, solely on Cliff’s output with The Shadows (or The Drifters for pre-October ’59 releases). All their classic hits are included going right the way up to their 2009 reunion; making it the most comprehensive Cliff Richard & Shadows collection to date.

This 32 track double LP version of the 2CD set is a limited edition and exclusive to the Rhino store.


Side A:

  1. Move It
  2. Living Doll
  3. Fall in Love with You
  4. A Voice In the Wilderness
  5. High Class Baby
  6. Theme for a Dream
  7. I Love You
  8. A Girl Like You
  9. Nine Times out of Ten


Side B:

  1. The Next Time
  2. Gee Whiz Its You
  3. Don’t Talk to Him
  4. Travellin’ Light
  5. Bachelor Boy
  6. It'll Be Me
  7. Lucky Lips
  8. Do You Wanna Dance


Side C:

  1. Summer Holiday
  2. Please Don’t Tease
  3. The Young Ones
  4. I Could Easily Fall
  5. I’m the Lonely One
  6. On The Beach
  7. In The Country
  8. Time Drags By


Side D:

  1. She's Gone
  2. Unchained Melody
  3. What'd I Say
  4. You Don’t Know
  5. D In Love
  6. All Shook Up (Live)
  7. The Day I Met Marie (Live)